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The BYAM Story

About us

The BYAM England name is an anagram of founder Mandy Beglan. BYAM is also an acronym for ‘Between you and me’ and so describes how Mum Mandy, Daughter Katie and Daughter in Law Harley were able to create their family business together which combined their talents, passions and dreams.

BYAM Harley Hand Drawing illustrations

BYAM Beginnings

How we started

We always wanted to produce luxury scented candles and home fragrance, but with the market being saturated we knew we had to make our products unique to stand out. Realising that original illustrations could enhance their appeal, we decided to combine Harley's exceptional art with the traditional craftsmanship of bone china to create a truly special product.

What we do

Our main focus is on our unique line drawings, which are meticulously sketched and hand-painted by Harley before being transformed into something truly extraordinary.

Our signature monochrome palette is simple yet thoughtful, as we believe in the beauty of simplicity. We design modern homeware accessories that are meant to stand out and spark conversations in your home or space, making them the perfect gift.

Why we do it

It's a cliché, but it holds true for us: we are happiest when we do what we love. Our passion lies in creating beautiful spaces that not only look and smell good, but have that special touch, making them unique and unforgettable.

We created this business to allow us to work together as a family, while giving us the flexibility to support each other and enjoy different stages of life. Whether it's celebrating weddings, having children, spending time with family and friends, or taking care of our beloved pets (we all have them!).

What we believe in

We strive to provide our customers with premium quality, one-of-a-kind homeware items. Our attention to detail is evident in everything we do, from our hand-crafted designs to our carefully selected materials, thoughtful themes and eco-conscious nature.

We are also proud to say to we have personally visited all our manufacturers, and with every product being made in England, we are also proudly supporting the British economy and helping to maintain the sustainability of UK manufacturing.

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