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The BYAM Team

"It’s a cliché but to be true to ourselves, we are happiest doing what we love and we love what we do, and BYAM is a product of our passions and dreams coming together to create something special"



After decades of being married to a successful entrepreneur, Mandy acquired a background knowledge and understanding of the work ethic and commitment needed for business. She has built and created homes acquiring the skills of planning and management and for almost seven years until Covid 19 appeared, volunteered for the charity, Havens Hospices, helping to organize and deliver many large fundraising events.  She is still a very active supporter of Havens.

Creative Director


Following her degree in Fashion Design, Harley interned and worked for prestigious designers in New York and London. Craving a better work-life balance after many years in such a demanding industry, she embarked on a role in an Architectural Practice in the City. During the pandemic, she decided to dive back into painting. Starting with designing line drawings for her own home, we quickly realised that they would be transferable across different aspects of homewares which is when we started discussing ideas for BYAM.



With a degree in Fashion Marketing, several years experience in the events industry and eventually turning to the corporate world, Katie has always had an eye for attention to detail and organisation comes naturally to her. She has planned everything from intimate launch events to large major conferences.