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Article: Being sustainable once your candle has finished

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Being sustainable once your candle has finished

What do you use your candle pot for once the wax has burned away?

Although we wish the wax from our luxury scented candles would burn forever, you are still left with a beautifully British fine bone china vessel, that is yours to keep! There are a range of uses we encourage our customers to try out once the wax has burned away, from mini plant pots (think mini succulents & orchids) to make-up brush/toothbrush & earbud holders, pen pots or even place a large tea light in the pot to keep the glow going. The pots are dishwasher proof too, so after cleaning out the remaining wax and removing the metal wick holder, you are able to give them a rinse and use them as cups for hot & cold drinks going forward … the options are endless.

We describe our candles as luxury for a reason, not only do you get a gorgeous scented candle but at the end of its burn you have a fine bone china pot that you certainly won’t want to throw out. Part of our ethos as a brand is designing products with multi-uses and reusability so this is a perfect example of that.

It is also as a result of the premium quality and design of the candles. Because of the incredible craftsmanship they are made to last, no plastic & no temporary labels that will come off in the rinsing process. The fine bone china is made in the UK, we are keen to support the economy and maintain the sustainability of UK manufacturing. Our priority is to ensure that our products are 100% Made in England. The Artwork is applied by hand in the same factory as the bone china is made in, using a process called silk screen decal printing, therefore it will not fade in the wash as the ink has been dyed on to the china. See our ‘How it’s Made’ page for the step by step process of making our fine bone china candle pots.

Please tag us on instagram to show us how you use yours @byamengland or head to the BYAM Style page on our website for more inspiration! We are excited to see new uses you may come up with…

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