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Article: Wedding Gift Ideas

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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is well and truly here! As well as planning practical aspects of attending weddings such as travel, possibly hotels, what to wear etc… it is always nice to find the couple the perfect gift too and that’s where we can help you out!

Every couple is unique and its often difficult to find a unique gift to suit them. However our bone china scented candles and coasters compliment each other perfectly and make the perfect gift (with the perfect message) to give special couples. Here are some suggestions for a stand alone gift, or a special extra to go along with money or vouchers that they will be able to keep forever!

‘It’s a kind of Magique’ Candle
Our ‘It’s a kind of Magique’ candle is perfect for a wedding gift idea. It’s modern, romantic and suits both him & her. The scent is bergamot & sandalwood, our most unisex scent we offer, making it a great neutral smell for any home. The design also features our signature line drawing of a couple kissing, what could be more suited to remind them of the moment the groom was told he may now kiss his bride! This candle is great paired with the ‘magique’ coaster as a little extra touch.

‘All you need is…love’ Candle
Another great option for a wedding gift idea is our ‘All you need is…love’ candle. We are obsessed with the calming scent of green lavender, it is simply perfection. (A wonderful choice to wind down with after the stress of planning a wedding too!) Of course the message on this candle couldn’t be more suited for such an occasion, because at the end of the day, all you need is love whether the couple elope or celebrate with a wedding party of 200!  This candle matches our ‘love you’ coaster nicely, again a special extra if you are looking for a unique gift.

‘You are here, always’ Candle
We think the ‘You are here, always’ candle is a great all rounder as a sweet way of telling people they are in your heart or you are thinking of them. Scented with aromatic rose & oud, one of our strongest scents, it truly fills the room with its deep, floral scent. We like to pair this candle with the ‘love you’ or ‘magique’ coaster, it goes great with both designs.

‘Because you are my world’ Candle
And lastly, we think our ‘Because you are my world’ candle is a special choice for family to give as a gift. A perfect choice for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to the bride & groom. If you struggle to find the words to say, this candle does the talking for you. Featuring a rich, smooth and sweet scent of tonka bean and spiced musk but with a freshness of jasmine and warm cedarwood. If you need a hug in a candle, this is it! Again we love to pair this candle with the ‘love you’ coaster to complete the message, especially if you are sending to family… theres never too many times you can tell people you love them.

We hope this brief gift guide helps you out this wedding season. If you would like to order and need us to do any gift wrapping we are always happy to help, just include a note on your order or email us after you have placed it at Please check out our website and instagram for any inspo you are in need of @byamengland and we hope you find the perfect gift!

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